A couple of announcements from UnboundID

Today, UnboundID made a couple of announcements.

Sun DSEE to UnboundID Directory Server Migration

First, we’re announcing new pricing for our Directory Server for current customers of Sun’s DSEE product. If you’re currently using Sun DSEE, then you can migrate to the UnboundID Directory Server for less than what you’re paying now in maintenance costs.

In addition to saving money, you’ll also be getting:

  • Much better performance and scalability. I can’t post actual performance comparisons because of restrictions in the DSEE license agreement, but the UnboundID Directory Server leaves it in the dust.
  • Much smaller on-disk and in-memory footprint. We store data in a very compact form that takes much less space than DSEE requires (and in most cases, the fully-imported database including all the data and indexes requires notably less space than the LDIF file). You can fully cache a much larger data set on the same machine than DSEE, or you can use a smaller machine than DSEE requires for a given data set.
  • A much broader feature set. The UnboundID Directory Server includes virtually all features available in Sun DSEE, plus quite a bit more. Our server has lots of features like transactions, filtered logging, centralized logging, configuration auditing, multiple root users, automatic database priming, and incremental backup that DSEE just doesn’t have.
  • Significant improvements over DSEE in areas where both servers have overlapping features. This includes areas like server and environment management, monitoring and alerting, replication, password policy and security, standards compliance, and related tools.

Of course, we’re happy to work with anyone who wants to migrate from any other type of directory server to the UnboundID Directory Server. Contact sales@unboundid.com for more information.

UnboundID Synchronization Server

The UnboundID Synchronization Server provides the ability to synchronize data between directory servers or directory topologies. We currently support synchronization of data between any combination of UnboundID Directory Server and DSEE, with more data sources to be added in the future.

The Synchronization Server has a very powerful feature set allowing you to pick which entries to synchronize, which attributes to synchronize within those entries, and what kinds of transformations to apply (including renaming attributes, constructing or suppressing attribute values, transforming DNs, etc.). Synchronization occurs in real time, and can be configured in one or both directions (with the same or different data flowing in either direction).

The UnboundID Synchronization Server is free to use in the process of migrating your directory environment between Sun DSEE and the UnboundID Directory Server.

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