UnboundID LDAP SDK for Java 0.9.8

The UnboundID LDAP SDK for Java version 0.9.8 has just been released. The release notes provide the complete set of changes, but the most significant changes since the 0.9.7 release are listed below. Because of the potential connection leak, anyone using connection pooling in the LDAP SDK is strongly encouraged to upgrade to this release.

StartTLS Bug Fix

Previous versions of the LDAP SDK had a bug in which attempting to process a StartTLS extended operation could fail to return if the server certificate was not trusted. The client connection was terminated, but the processExtendedOperation method would never return. This has been fixed.

LDAP Connection Pool Bug Fixes

Two bugs in the LDAPConnectionPool class have been corrected.

The first bug is that the connection pool could leak a connection when performing a background health check if that connection was examined multiple times in the same health check sequence.

The second bug is that when attempting to retrieve the root DSE from the directory server, two connections were obtained from the pool when only one was needed. Both connections were properly returned, but taking twice as many connections could have created an artificial connection shortage.

Operation Rate Limiting

A new FixedRateBarrier utility class has been added which can be used to help try to perform operations no faster than a specified rate. The authrate, modrate, and searchrate tools have been updated to use this and now provide a “--ratePerSecond” argument that can be used to attempt to perform authentications, modifies, and searches at a specified rate.

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