UnboundID LDAP SDK for Java 6.0.3

We have just released version 6.0.3 of the UnboundID LDAP SDK for Java. It is available for download from GitHub and SourceForge, and it is available in the Maven Central Repository. You can find the release notes at https://docs.ldap.com/ldap-sdk/docs/release-notes.html, but here’s a summary of the changes included in this version:

General Updates:

  • We fixed an issue with the round-robin server set that could cause it to select some servers with a higher frequency than others in the event that one or more of the servers become unavailable.
  • We fixed a potential race condition that could leave a background Timer thread running if a connection was closed while waiting for a response to a request issued via the asynchronous API.
  • We fixed an issue in which the in-memory directory server could incorrectly include a matched DN in certain bind response messages.
  • We improved support for SSL/TLS debugging for SSLUtil operations when used in conjunction with the javax.net.debug system property.
  • We added methods to the JSONLDAPResultWriter class that can be used to encode entries, search result references, and LDAP results to JSON objects.
  • We added a CryptoHelper.inferKeyStoreType method that attempts to determine the key store type for a specified file that is expected to represent a JKS, PKCS #12, or BCFKS key store.
  • We added StaticUtils convenience methods for generating random bytes, integers, and strings, optionally using cryptographically secure random number generators.

Updates Specific to Use With the Ping Identity Directory Server:

  • We fixed an issue that could cause the manage-account tool to fail if it receives a response with an unrecognized password policy state operation type. This is most likely to occur when the tool is communicating with a version of the Ping Identity Directory Server that does not correspond to the version of the manage-account tool.
  • We added client-side support for new extended operations that can allow for remote management of certificates in Ping Identity Directory Server instances.
  • We updated the AuthenticationFailureReason class to add additional failure reason values related to pass-through authentication.
  • We updated the TaskManager class to add methods for using LDAPInterface objects (including connection pools or Server SDK internal connections) as an alternative to LDAPConnection objects when interacting with administrative tasks.