Ping Identity Directory Server

The Ping Identity Directory Server version has been released. It doesn’t look like the release notes on the website have been updated yet, but the changes over the previous release include:

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the server to report an error when disabling an instance of the PingOne for Customers pass-through authentication plugin.
  • Improved the performance of password policy processing for operations targeting entries that reference password policies that are stored outside of the server configuration.
  • Updated file-based loggers, as well as the periodic stats logger and monitor history plugins, to add a logging-error-behavior property that can control the behavior the server exhibits if they encounter a write error. By default, the server will still write an error message to standard error, but the server can now be configured to enter lockdown mode to prevent normal clients from issuing requests that may not be properly logged.
  • Improved the performance of writing to temporary index files during LDIF import processing.
  • Fixed a potential memory leak that could occur when accessing the server via SCIM.
  • Fixed a potential off-heap memory leak that could occur when retrieving the version monitor entry.