Ping Identity Directory Server

Ping Identity Directory Server version has been released, and it’s available for download now, along with the companion Directory Proxy Server, Data Synchronization Server, Metrics Engine, and Server SDK products. It is a patch release that primarily addresses minor issues.

Because of an unfortunate glitch in the way that we generated the documentation, the updated release notes aren’t available on the website but are only included in the download itself. Here’s a list of the changes in the release:

  • Added a “Server Status Timeline” monitor entry that tracks the server’s last 100 status changes and the times that they occurred.
  • Updated LDAP external server monitor entries to include attributes for tracking state changes to the associated server, including the number of times the health state has changed, and timestamps and messages for the most recent state changes.
  • Improved Delegated Admin support for constructed attributes. Constructed attributes can now be read-only. Added an “Update Constructed Attributes” list to the REST resource type, which allows constructed attributes to be updated when their dependent attributes change. We also now handle constructed attributes that reference other constructed attributes.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent switching between servers in the management console.
  • Fixed an issue that could require a large amount of memory when replaying a large subtree delete operation via replication. Also fixed a related issue that could cause the server to write a large number of mild error messages to the replication log.
  • Fixed an issue in which Delegated Admin may not behave correctly if the name of the REST resource type was not the same as the name for the resource endpoint.
  • Fixed an issue in which Delegated Admin search results could be truncated if the Directory Server was configured to disable syntax enforcement for an attribute type with a Boolean or integer syntax, and if an entry was encountered with an attribute of that type that had a value that did not conform to that syntax. The offending values are now omitted from the results, and a warning message is recorded in the server’s error log.
  • Fixed an issue in the Directory Proxy Server that could prevent the use of a custom entry placement algorithm (created with the Server SDK) in a version of the server built with alternate branding (for a reseller).
  • Updated the Groovy scripting language (that we use to support scripted extensions) to version 2.5.7.