Ping Identity Directory Server

The Ping Identity Directory Server version has been released and is available for download from the Ping Identity website, along with the Directory Proxy Server, Data Synchronization Server, Data Metrics Server, Server SDK, and Delegated User Admin.

The release notes include a summary of the changes included in this release, but the major enhancements include:

  • Updates to the Delegated Admin application, including managing group memberships.
  • The mirror virtual attribute has been updated to make it possible to mirror the values of a specified attribute in another entry whose DN is computed in a manner that is relative to the target entry’s DN.
  • The Directory Proxy Server’s failover load-balancing algorithm has been updated to make it possible to consistently route requests targeting different branches to different sets of servers. This is useful to help distribute load more evenly across servers while still avoiding potential problems due to propagation delay.
  • Added a new replication state detail virtual attribute that provides more detailed information about an entry’s replication state.
  • Improved the server’s behavior when attempts to write to a client are blocked.
  • Added support for unbound GSSAPI connections that are not tied to any specific server instance and work better in some kinds of load-balanced environments.
  • Updated JMX MBean support so that keys and values better conform to best practices by default.