UnboundID LDAP SDK for Java 4.0.4

We have just released the UnboundID LDAP SDK for Java version 4.0.4, available for download from the LDAP.com website, from the releases page of our GitHub repository, from the Files page of our SourceForge project, and from the Maven Central Repository.

There are a few noteworthy changes included in this release. The release notes go into more detail, but the highlights of these changes include:

  • We updated the way that the LDAP SDK generates exception messages to make them more user-friendly. They are now less likely to include stack traces, and they are less likely to include repeated information (like LDAP SDK build information, and information duplicated from an exception’s cause).
  • We fixed an issue that could cause multiple application threads to block in the course of closing a connection pool.
  • We updated the way that the LDAP SDK sends LDAP messages so that it is more resilient to stalls in the TLS negotiation process.
  • We updated the LDAP SDK’s ServerSet implementations so that they can perform authentication and post-connect processing, which can make health checks against newly established connections more reliable.
  • We updated the GetEntryLDAPConnectionPoolHealthCheck class to provide support for invoking the health check after a pooled connection has been authenticated.
  • We fixed a bug in the GetEntryLDAPConnectionPoolHealthCheck class that could cause it to behave incorrectly when checking the validity of a connection after an LDAPException was caught.
  • We updated the Attribute.hasValue method to be more efficient for attributes with multiple values, and especially for attributes with a lot of values or with more complicated matching rules. This will also improve the Filter.matchesEntry method for equality filters that target similar types of attributes.
  • We updated the prompt trust manager to provide better output formatting, and to provide additional warnings about conditions that may make a server certificate chain less trustworthy.
  • We updated the LDAPConnectionOptions class to adjust the initial default connect timeout and operation response timeout, and the default operation response timeout can now be set differently for each type of operation. Most of the default values for options in the LDAPConnectionOptions class can now be set via system properties.