UnboundID LDAP SDK for Java 2.0.1

We have just released UnboundID LDAP SDK for Java version 2.0.1. It is available for download from the UnboundID website or from the SourceForge project page, and should show up in the Maven central repository in the near future. Some of the changes in this release include:

  • The persistence framework has been updated to support object inheritance. If an object whose class is marked with the @LDAPObject annotation also has a superclass that is marked with @LDAPObject, then the annotated fields and methods of the superclass will be used in the course of converting between objects and entries.

  • The EntryValidator has been updated to fix a potential bug that could cause an exception to be thrown when processing an entry that did not include all superior classes for all of the object classes in the entry.

  • Updated the ValuePattern to provide support for back-references, which make it possible to include the same value twice in a generated string (e.g., in the pattern “uid=user.[1-100],ou=org.[ref:1],dc=example,dc=com”, a random number between 1 and 100 will be chosen for the user number, and then that same value will also be used for the organization number). In addition, a bug has been fixed that could interfere with the ability to use the ValuePattern to obtain content from files on Windows systems when the provided path included a drive letter.

  • The argument parsing framework has been updated to include a new ArgumentListArgument, in which the values of the argument list argument are themselves argument strings (e.g., “–arg1Name arg1value –arg2Name –arg3Name arg3value”), and the argument will have its own parser to perform the validation. Also, the StringArgument has been updated to make it possible to specify a regular expression that can be used to constrain the set of allowed values.

  • When creating an LDAPConnectionPool using a ServerSet, it is now possible to request that zero connections be initially created. If this is done, then the pool will not have any connections established until the first time an attempt is made to use it.

  • The Filter class has been updated to expose static encodeValue methods, which may be used to properly escape a value for use in the string representation of a filter. This should only be used if you are manually creating a filter string representation, and is not necessary if you are creating a filter by providing attribute type and value objects.

  • Debug messages generated by the LDAP SDK have been improved so that they can be more useful, especially for those messages related to LDAP communication in an environment in which many connections may be in use at the same time. Each debug message about LDAP communication will include information about the connection used for that communication and the LDAP message ID for the request or response. Further, result messages will now include the protocol op type.

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