UnboundID LDAP SDK for Java 1.1.5 and 2.0.0-rc1

I have just released a new 1.1.5 release of the UnboundID LDAP SDK for Java. It is available for download from the UnboundID LDAP SDK product page, as well as from the SourceForge project page. It should be available in the Maven Central Repository in the near future.

This release has only a few changes over the previous 1.1.4 version, including:

  • I have fixed a bug which could cause problems when using SSL or StartTLS over high-latency networks.

  • I have fixed a bug which could cause LDAPConnection.close to close the connection without an unbind request if the connection had previously been closed and re-established.

  • I have added support for the content synchronization operation as defined in RFC 4533.

I have also released a new 2.0.0-rc1 build of the LDAP SDK, which is available on the SourceForge project page. This is hopefully the last build prior to the official release. It includes the above changes, as well as the following additional changes:

  • The default object encoder in the persistence framework now provides support for URL, URI, and enum objects.

  • Java source code generated by the persistence framework now includes static getPersister and decode convenience methods which make it easier to interact with objects using the persistence framework.

  • LDAP command-line tools now provide an option that allows you to specify the format for the key store and/or trust store when using SSL or StartTLS. It still uses the JKS format by default, but you can request an alternate format like JCEKS or PKCS12 if desired.

  • The LDAP assertion control implementation now includes a generate convenience method that makes it easy to generate an assertion request control based on a provided entry. It can be used to make it easier to ensure that some or all of the attributes in the entry have not been updated since the entry was last retrieved.

  • I have added a new BooleanValueArgument class, which is similar to the BooleanArgument class except that it takes an explicit value (e.g., “true”, or “false”, although it will accept other strings as well, including “yes”, “on”, and “1” for true, and “no”, “off”, and “0” for false) rather than inferring the value based only on whether the argument is present.

  • I have added a new DurationArgument class, which combines an integer with a time unit (e.g., “10ms”). It can be used to specify lengths of time.

  • I have updated the FileArgument class so that it is possible to specify a base DN for relative paths. By default, relative paths will be relative to the current working directory, but you can indicate that they should instead be relative to a specified parent directory.

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