UnboundID LDAP SDK for Java 1.1.2

UnboundID has released version 1.1.2 of the UnboundID LDAP SDK for Java. It primarily includes bug fixes and minor enhancements over the previous 1.1.1 release. The release notes for this version are available online, but the changes for this release are as follows:

  • We have made it easier to work with attribute type definitions in which the SYNTAX element includes an optional minimum upper bound element. New methods have been provided which make it possible to obtain the base OID and minimum upper bound components separately, and attempts to retrieve an attribute syntax with a specified OID will ignore any minimum upper bound component that may be included in the provided OID.
  • When identifying differences between two entries, you now have the option to indicate whether you want the resulting list of modifications to be reversible. If you indicate that the modifications should be reversible (which has always been the default behavior in the past), then the modifications will only use the ADD and DELETE modification types, and they could be applied in reverse to revert back to the original entry, although attempts to apply these modifications are more likely to fail if the entry has been altered since it was retrieved. If the modifications should not be reversible, then they will all contain the REPLACE modification type, which will not be reversible but are less likely to fail if the entry has been altered.
  • We have made improvements in the way that you can obtain the string representations of DNs and RDNs. When creating a DN from a set of RDNs (or from an RDN and a parent DN), then the string representations of the existing RDNs will be used rather than constructing them all from scratch. This will better preserve the original string representation, including any escaping for special characters. In addition, new toMinimallyEncodedString methods have been added to retrieve a string representation with escaping used only for the minimal set of special characters.
  • We have fixed a bug in the LDIF reader that prevented it from being used to read entries containing only a DN and no attributes (as might be the case when reading the LDIF representation of a search result entry for which no attributes were returned).
  • We fixed a bug in the code used to generate the string representation of an LDAP URL using the subordinate subtree search scope. Previously, it would use the value “subord” instead of the correct “subordinates”. When parsing a string representation of a URL, it will still accept either form.
  • We have fixed a bug in the LDAPCommandLineTool class (including tools written using it like searchrate, modrate, and authrate) which prevented the “--bindPasswordFile” argument from being used to specify the password from a file in some cases.