SLAMD 2.0.0-20090712

A new build of SLAMD is available for download from The release notes provide a full list of the changes since the previous 2.0.0-20090227 release, but some of the most significant changes are listed below.

  • The process used to load classes has been updated so that if an attempt to load a class fails, it will re-try the attempt after substituting “com.sun.slamd” with just “com.slamd”. This makes it possible to view statistics collected from builds of SLAMD prior to the 2.0.0-20090227 release.
  • Two new jobs have been added which make it possible to perform LDAP searches using filters read from a file and LDAP modifications with target entry DNs read from a file. These jobs can be used if the target search filters or entry DNs do not follow a pattern that can be constructed like the other jobs provide.
  • A number of jobs have been updated to provide support for rate limiting. You can now specify the desired number of operations per second per client, and the clients will attempt to maintain that rate.
  • A number of shell scripts used to launch tools have been updated to fix problems that prevented them from working properly in some cases.
  • LDAP jobs have been updated to use the synchronous mode provided in the latest release of the LDAP SDK for Java. This allows them to be significantly more efficient and drive more load against LDAP directory servers.

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