UnboundID Directory Server

I’ve already mentioned that one of the first things we started working on when we founded UnboundID was a Java-based LDAP SDK. It shouldn’t come as much surprise to anyone that we’ve also been working on an LDAP directory server, but we hadn’t actually announced that, at least not until today. The Directory Server product page is now online, and we also have a press release announcing the product, and also announcing a partnership with Alcatel-Lucent as an exclusive provider of our Directory Server in telco markets.

When we started working on our Directory Server, we did use OpenDS as the code base for the product (and portions of our server are covered by the CDDL license), but we’ve taken it far beyond what’s available in OpenDS. We’ve worked hard on increasing performance and scalability, reducing the on-disk and in-memory footprint, improving management and administration, and reducing operation response times. We’ve also packed in lots of new features, bug fixes, enhancements, and tools. I’ll talk more about some of the improvements we’ve made in upcoming posts.

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  1. At present, the UnboundID Directory Server is available for evaluation only by request through sales@unboundid.com. In the future, we may make it generally available for download, but that is still to be determined.


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